In-home palliative care (or pet hospice service) is a special aspect of veterinary medicine and one I care about deeply.

It creates a precious opportunity to spend special time with our pets and shower them with the love that they have shared with us on their journey.

By engaging in my service your beloved’s veterinary needs will be provided in your home, where he/she naturally feels comforted and loved. I will provide professional guidance on how to care for your pet and identify ways that he/she may be as free from pain and suffering as possible.

I work on referrals, in conjunction with your normal vet, so that the best care can be provided. I also take on new enquiries from pet families.

If the situation has become advanced and it is no longer possible to maintain quality of life, I will have a caring conversation listening to your wishes and advocating for your pet. This conversation will evolve where necessary and will be delicately based on what is right for you and your beloved dog or cat.

If required I will be able to assist in providing a gentle, loving and very peaceful euthanasia service at home where your furbaby will be, forever loved.

In-home pet palliative care consultations


What is involved?

A Home Vet Service Palliative Care (Hospice) Consultation involves:

• Full veterinary health check obtained in a gentle way, with minimal stress to your pet

• A personal and caring conversation about your expectations of treatment

• A caring conversation about any concerns that you may have with your pet.

• A detailed history is obtained which includes medications, test results etc.

• A quality of life assessment is obtained and information provided to you on how you may assess this.

• Information on what symptoms and changes you may expect as time passes.

• Personalized management plan listing potential medications, diets and exercise etc.

• Ability to work with referring vets & other care providers to provide best care.

• Careful ssessment of home conditions to make things as comfortable as possible for your pet.

• Conversation about what signs may indicate pain & changes in quality of life

• Pre-euthanasia guidance and continued caring support on ‘when is the time’

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Home Vet Service will contact relevant veterinary providers to provide updates and also to request appropriate history of your pets condition including results and treatments.

Palliative Care for Dogs and Cats

For in-home palliative care needs for your pet, please ‘enquire online’ first and then, if requested, please fill out the palliative care form