If your beloved pet is struggling with osteoarthritis, reach out to the kind and compassionate Home Vet Service to discuss your pet’s osteoarthritis treatment options.

In addition to causing suffering through pain and reduced mobility a pet’s life expectancy is lowered due to arthritis. Through early intervention and a comprehensive (multi-modal) approach we will, together, empower your pets to live with less pain, for longer and be happier.

Reduced mobility is a common concern in aging pets due to arthritis. Previous injuries and can also affect mobility and levels of pain, often associated with arthritis or soft tissue injuries. Many dog breeds have higher incidence of debilitating arthritis that must be managed with veterinary care with an emphasis on good pain relief.

Home Vet Service can improve the quality of life of your less mobile best friend in the comfort of their home.

A dog or cat in pain prefers not to be moved too much, therefore caring for them at home, when less mobile, has advantages. During the consultation I will also examine their home surroundings and advise on things that will improve comfort such as ramps and bedding.

Please contact me today to have a chat on how I might be able to help your individual pet.

Consultation $130

Please note: An additional $20-$90 travel fee may apply to some bookings.

Osteoarthritis Care for Dogs and Cats

For a kind and compassionate conversation about the osteoarthritis treatment options and mobility concerns for your pet, please contact me today.