Frequently Asked Questions


My dog or cat has a terminal illness? What can you do?

Please contact me through this website and if you can please fill out a palliative care form. This allows me to review how I may successfully manage the level of ongoing care required and whether there will be limitations. This is based on location, degree of intervention and my current case load. I will discuss with you on the phone initially and will arrange a palliative care consultation at a suitable time. If I am unable to assist, I will refer to another veterinarian.

What is the best method to communicate with you?

For euthanasia enquiries and bookings please call me directly or leave an online enquiry. Details will need to be discussed with me on the phone.

For ongoing palliative care support, email communication is preferred. I will call you back when available or discuss through email. Please no text messages.

What if my pet needs ongoing medications?

Please send me an email indicating that you are running out of medication well in advance, at least 7 days. I will discuss with you how your pet is progressing.  Medication will be posted out or a prescription provided. Please avoid requesting medications through text message and use email when possible.

How long do the appointments last?

Palliative care appointments are approximately an hour in duration.

Osteoarthritis appointments are 45 minutes to one hour.

The in-home euthanasia service is typically 60 minutes but may be longer or shorter depending on your wishes.

How can I pay?

Euthanasia may be pre-paid by bank transfer.

All appointments must be paid for in full at the time of service.

What is your appointment policy?

Appointment times are scheduled over a one hour window, to take into consideration traffic congestion and delays. Clients are notified by text message or phone call if I’m likely to be running late, so that other important arrangements can be kept.

Dog and Cat Euthanasia

What is euthanasia and why do you do it?

Euthanasia means ‘good death’ and is an act of kindness in intentionally ending life in order to relieve suffering. It is done only under compassionate grounds when suffering has progressed to, or is likely to reach, unacceptable levels.

Why choose you for an in-home pet euthanasia?

A calm space will be created allowing you to just ‘be’. Home is where your pet naturally feels comforted and loved.  I’ll only go at your pace, 45 minutes to an hour is common, however 15 minutes to 90 minutes or more is possible.  It is personal and private where the family can be gathered, comforting, and remembering their beloved pet.

Can children or other pets be present?

I am able to provide a service with children present. Other pets may be there or come into the space after your beloved pet passes on. This is important for pet’s in their grieving process. These recommended books can help prepare for conversations about loss with your children. A list of grief resource links can also be found here.

What do I need to get ready before the appointment?

Think about which location that your pet and your family would be most comfortable. A quiet place that your pet sleeps is normally nice, but also with sufficient room so that you and your family can have enough space. Some owners like to lie down with or hold their darlings.

Think about which candles, poems, music or prayers you may wish to have ready. All ceremonies are welcome. I respect the wish to honour your pet and keep your darling forever loved.

Decide on which after care option you desire and let me know in advance.

Ask a friend to be present if required to provide support to you or to children.

Ensure all significant others in your pet’s life are aware of the appointment in advance.

Please comfort your pet with your love, presence and reassurance.

Place an old sheet or towel under your pet as urine or faeces may be passed. Absorbent pads will be provided by me.

You may like to offer special food and treats.

Please farewell the people who will not be staying before I arrive.

Do you do same day appointments?

I may be able to do same-day appointments. Most appointments have been planned in advance, with veterinary guidance and support. Please enquire here to discuss.

What happens during your visit?

I will reassure your pet then sit with your family explaining each stage and answering any questions. There will be a consent form and then payment will be completed, if not already done.

I will administer a ‘deep relaxing’ sedation when you are ready. Some pets may be sensitive with the needle but the injection does not hurt. This will gradually start working over 5-15 minutes. You are welcome to be as close to your pet as you would like.

I will clip some hair from the front or back leg and place a cannula, which does not cause distress.

A second solution will be given when you are ready and I will confirm that your pet has passed.

I will make a clay paw print keepsake if you wish. If you have requested an individual cremation, Pet Angel funerals will meet us at your home and carefully transport your darling to their crematorium.

Euthanasia Aftercare

What are aftercare options?

Individual cremation with Pet Angel Funerals – This includes transport of your beloved from your home to their crematorium and return of your beloved’s ashes. You may choose in advance for a later pick up, if available, in order to have more time with your darling. Pet Angel will be in touch with you the following day and plan on returning your beloved’s ashes within 5-7 days working days. Click here for their brochure.

Group Cremation – Your pet will be cared for by me and then transported at a later date to Pet Angel Funerals. Your pet will be cremated together with other pets and their ashes will be scattered at a farm near Kyogle, NSW. Please note there is no return of ashes.

Home Burial –  Please check local council regulations first. Please consider preparing the burial site first. I will provide you with a biodegradable pouch for burying.

How do you know the ashes are my pets?

When your beloved pet arrives at the crematorium of Pet Angel Funerals, they will be tagged with a unique code which is checked through the cremation process. Pet Angel funerals have modern, separate chamber pet cremators, with only one pet per chamber. This ensures that you receive all and only your pet’s ashes.

Who do I need to tell about my pets passing?

You will need to inform the council where registered. I will notify the vet clinics who have been looking after your pet.